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Flying Raccoons and the Army of the Green Ghosts!

Flying Raccoons and the Army of the Green Ghosts!

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Be ready, be aware, be prepared. Green ghost pepper, scorpion peppers, and tomatillos sauteed with grooviness for a proper !!Ay Caramba¡ Add this to soups, tacos, or whatever floats your boat while you remain virtuous and steadfast in your resolve. Above all trust that you will be lucky. Love yourself and your fellow humans... and eat more sauce.

tomatillos*, vinegar (distilled white and apple cider), onion, ninja pepper blend*, carrots*, filtered water, garlic, lime juice*, Hawaiian sea salt, cilantro*, organic black pepper, organic cumin, sesame oil and groovily grown aloha

Featured Peppers:
Scorpion, Green Ghost

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