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Advanced Tactical Weaponized Starfruit D_ _ TH S_ _R O.G.

Advanced Tactical Weaponized Starfruit D_ _ TH S_ _R O.G.

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A high octane sauce painstakingly crafted to embolden the force within us that seeks unity, justice and peace for all. While the path of darkness is easily tread, this sauce will realign you with the true nature of all things starfruit and allow you to do what you had heretofore only dreamed of. This is the sauce you’ve been looking for. May be put on quite literally anything from PB&J’s to ice cream sundaes.

carrots*, vinegar (distilled white and apple cider), ninja pepper blend*, starfruit juice*, filtered water, lime juice*, garlic, Hawaiian sea salt and groovily grown aloha

Featured Peppers:
Ghost, Scorpion, Super Hots

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