You are, truly, what you eat.  As a cars performance can be changed with the quality of fuel, so it stands to reason that a human body will behave the same, if not more so as it’s your body.  We hope this needs no further explanation.  We could get into ATP, creb cycles, glands etc, but you know, we have only so much space, after all, the complexity of a vehicle when compared to the human body is like comparing chickens to tequila drinking pterodactyls.  We simply don't do it as it is both self evident and I daresay mighty frightening.

We feel that nothing is more important than the ingredients.  You may be getting used to this theme by now...  You are, and always will be, whatever you eat, drink and think.  We can help with two of the three, assuming you actually drink our sauce as we like to promote.  

Good taste is a must obviously so we needn't talk about the array of earth shaking flavors we create.  Without good ingredients, even if you have good taste, you wont have good health.  We feel that if we are to make something that doesn't give you good health, well, what are we doing?  In light of this, please take a moment to learn about the people who grow your peppers, carrots, beets, turmeric and all the citrus and other esoterically enlightened ingredients that go into making Spicy Ninja Sauce.