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Biblical Burn

Biblical Burn

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A positively delightful non-denominational reaffirmation of humility in a world gone a bit loosey goosey. A boon to the body and a balm for your soul with blood cleansing burdock root and immune boosting frankincense and myrrh. The heavenly pink hue comes from Okinawan sweet potatoes and guidance from above. Use for whatever tests of faith you seek!

This is a medicinal sauce with zero claims being made as the FDA does not play those games.

okinawan purple sweet potato*, ninja pepper blend*, vinegar (distilled white and apple cider), garlic, filtered water, lime juice*, burdock root*, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, organic cardamom, Hawaiian sea salt and groovily grown aloha

Featured Peppers:
Ghost, Hawaiian

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