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Big Durian Energy

Big Durian Energy

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With humility and great Celebration, we offer unto you, the blessing of Hawai’i grown Durian in a vastly more approachable manner than the fruit as it occurs naturally.
The durian is a rarefied and pungent delight, a legend if you will, which currently suffers from being banned in hotels and public transport across Asia due to its notoriously odiferous nature.

Its spiky exterior is essentially weaponized and if it ever fell on you from a height of 1 inch or more, you would do well to have your affairs in order. Fear not dear friends, drink deep of this most potent magic and see what tomorrow may bring!!  High Heat.

durian, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, guava leaf tea, ninja spice blend, Hawaiian sea salt, hopes, dreams and groovily grown Aloha

Featured Peppers:
Chocolate Habanero 

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