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Drunkin' Pumpkin

Drunkin' Pumpkin

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Once a year the world consumes Pumpkin Spice anything. We have heard the call good friends and have decided to answer with one of the finest savory versions of this revolution so that you may once again look people in the face and honestly tell them you love a Pumpkin Spice product. Kabocha squash, spiced rum, and a select blend of herbs make this magic in a bottle. Add this to soups, hummus, holiday meals, and anything you wish to taste EPIC!

kabocha squash*, chocolate habaneros*, onion, garlic, vinegar (distilled white and apple cider), spiced rum, filtered water, sage*, ginger*, organic nutmeg, rosemary*, organic maple syrup, Hawaiian sea salt, and groovily grown aloha

Featured Peppers:
Chocolate Habanero

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