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Flaming Piña Hopocalypse

Flaming Piña Hopocalypse

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A collaborative effort with The Kona Brewing Company that gives you all the joys of heat with the divinity of Cascade Hops coupled with Chocolate Habaneros! 

We kept this hot sauce “splashable”, more “loosey goosey” if you will, and showcased our beloved Chocolate Habanero Pepper and the influential Cascade Hop. We then added pineapple, the ubiquitous tropical fruit that at one point in time defined Hawai’i. Please enjoy this refined burn responsibly. Good luck in the big game friends!

Pineapples, Vinegar (Distilled White and Apple Cider), Chocolate Habaneros, Garlic, Filtered Water, Naturally Grown Lime Juice, Cascade Hops, Hawaiian Sea Salt, and Groovily Grown Aloha

Featured Pepper:
Chocolate Habaneros

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