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Holy Smokes and the EZ Creeper

Holy Smokes and the EZ Creeper

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Many of you like hot sauce. Some of you even tell yourselves you can handle it “HOT”, and of course we believe you. This isn’t for you. #WalkAway #SaveYourself We made this for the rarified few who have transcended and are no longer beholden to the laws that govern such things as taste buds, tears and the ability to breathe. It is for them and only them who will taste the fragrant kiawe smoked notes in the prodigious amount of ghost peppers and SNS high heat blend as they merge with sugar cane coffee rum to make a truly unique signature “stoopid” high heat sauce. We have spoken.

kiawe smoked ninja pepper blend*, vinegar (distilled white and apple cider), coffee rum, Hawaiian sea salt and groovily grown aloha

Featured Peppers:

Due to limited availability, only 1 Holy Smokes per order. Thank you!

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